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The MPM Group’s Private Investigation and Insurance Fraud (SIU Support) units are staffed with an impressive array of former federal/state law enforcement professionals who bring with them an average of more than twenty-five years of hands-on experience conducting a variety of typical investigations ranging from complex felonies to routine misdemeanors. Consequently, MPM’s Private Investigators not only understand the many nuances of a properly and thoroughly conducted investigation, they are also cognizant of the importance of a well-written report and expert “end-game” testimony when either is called upon to support MPM’s Private Investigations and/or SIU Support efforts. 

With more than 100-years of combined federal and state investigative experience, MPM offers a results oriented team that traditionally employs a variety of industry acceptable and legally admissible investigative techniques to provide a variety of client services to include, but not limited to:

•  Complex Investigations
•  Workplace Investigations
•  Missing Persons
•  Domestic Matters
•  Child Custody

•  Static/Mobile Surveillance Teams
•  Digital & Video Photography
•  Detailed Investigative Reports
•  Expert Opinions & Testimony
•  GPS/Surveillance Equipment

•  Trustee Support
•  Asset Recovery
•  Polygraph Exams
•  Bonded Couriers
•  Aerial Photography

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In addition to our judicially recognized expertise dealing with both complex investigations and litigation support services, MPM also offers one of the region’s most capable private investigative teams targeting the burgeoning insurance fraud cases currently sweeping the country. With our elite staff of properly licensed professionals, MPM is positioned to provide corporate legal teams, as well as their insurance carriers, with unequivocal and admissible evidence to terminate this costly and, in most cases, criminal misconduct. Continuing to expand our geographic areas of operation, MPM’s expert team of professional investigators/contract personnel are licensed and bonded in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions of the United States and are currently considered experts in conducting criminal and/or civil investigations while employing their specific expertise as it pertains to federal/state Workers’ Disability & Compensation, Medicaid and/or Natural Disaster insurance fraud.

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In addition to MPM’s general investigative services, MPM also provides expert investigative and support services to corporate Human Resource and In-House Counsel teams who are engaged in pre/post litigation of employee related sexual assault and/or sexual harassment matters. Additionally, MPM provides judicially recognized investigators who can discreetly and effectively conduct those sensitive Abuse-of-Trust investigations that usually involve day-care personnel, members of the clergy, faculty members, coaches, or other youth leaders.

Due to MPM’s collective federal and state investigative experience, our investigations will be conducted professionally, quickly, and most importantly, conclusively – the first time.



To better support our client’s needs, MPM has access to some of the most respected investigative
databases available anywhere. We can also conduct comprehensive forensic inquiries on most corporate computers and cellular telephones.


MPM’s mobile surveillance teams can operate in either urban or rural environments and are unsurpassed in their effectiveness while operating in either a static or mobile surveillance mode.

Digital Photography


Mobile Video


Static Video


Corporate Investigations


Corporate Theft


Drug-Free Workplace Programs


Independent Crime Scene Processing


Independent Forensic Testing


Expert Witness Testimony


Legal/Corporate In-Service Training


Corporate Personnel Security


Corporate Facility Security

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The MPM Group is a dynamic, experienced and turn-key solution for both domestic as well as foreign assignments. At MPM, we are confident in our claim that we offer the most effective investigative services, litigation support, and corporate security consultancy services available anywhere. Succinctly, we combine decades of proven professional investigative experience with passion and cutting edge technology to meet and usually exceed our client’s expectations – the first time, every time. 

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