About The MPM Group, Inc.

The MPM Group, Inc., was established in December 1999, as an executive-level consulting firm providing complex litigation support services to licensed attorneys while offering “Due Diligence” guidance and related training services to corporate executives and their in-house counsel. Since that time, The MPM Group, which was initially staffed exclusively with former federal and state law enforcement personnel, has evolved into a more competitive firm offering its diverse client base the highest quality investigations, multifaceted litigation support/post-conviction expertise, security consultancy services, and foreign security programs available anywhere. With the addition of former elite military personnel as trainers, and even employing the expertise of select former “white-collar” defendants on a case-by-case basis, MPM continues to offer a synergy of professional experience and talents that routinely exceeds our client’s expectations in both the legal as well as private sectors.

Today, The MPM Group are nationally recognized and court adjudicated investigators, litigation support and post-conviction specialists with a proven expertise in assisting defense counsel with all phases of trial preparation, federal sentencing and mitigation strategies, presentence investigation interview (“PSI”) preparation, Residential Drug Abuse Program (“RDAP”) issues, Judgment & Commitment recommendations, Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) facility designations, and lastly, preparing the client for reporting to their BOP facility. Most recently, we have expanded our expertise into the not-so-subtle nuances of the BOP Administrative Remedy Process, as it relates to FTCA compliance and a federal inmate’s rights, as well as most other federal inmate advocacy issues. Additionally, our experienced paralegal team can assist attorneys and their clients with the research and drafting of customary post-conviction relief briefs to include, but not limited to, §2255 Motions, Writs of Habeas Corpus, etc.

In addition to our unparalleled investigative services, our staff continues to excel in all aspects of complex litigation support witness location and service  contested OWCP/OPM retirement issues  verification of critical information pertaining to “Due Diligence”  personal and corporate identity verifications  foreign corporate/residential security site surveys and foreign security training programs that offer our overseas clients sound security solutions while optimizing their organizational and operational efficiency.

The MPM Group will continue with their long-standing efforts to ensure that both the legal and private sectors have access to professional investigators, multifaceted litigation support and security-consulting services that are provided by the most experienced staff and most current resources available anywhere. Simply, at MPM, we never offer general responses – we develop client specific solutions.

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