Litigation Support Services

The MPM Group, Inc. offers nationally recognized and court adjudicated expertise in complex investigations, litigation support, exhibit/evidence examination, and pre/post trial strategies. With more than twenty-five years of federal and state law enforcement experience, in both domestic as well as foreign venues, The MPM Group offers CJA approved expert services and support capabilities to established law firms, licensed attorneys and/or other qualifed clients.

The MPM Group are considered experts in the analysis of most federal/state investigative reports, related supporting documents, civil files, court affidavits, and/or official witness statements. Our review will concentrate on proper adherence to civil/criminal legal mandates, proper compliance to a specific agency’s policy and procedures, as well as:

Criminal/Civil Issues
►  Basis for “Probable Cause” (Arrest, Search, Title III)
►  Investigative File Review & Analysis
►  Affidavit Review & Analysis
►  LEO & Witness Statement Review & Analysis
►  Agency Policy/Procedure Compliance
►  Insurance Fraud & Investigations

Litigation Support Services

► Expert Medical Opinion Reports
► Forensic Accounting
► Computer Forensics
► Witness/Defendant Location and Service
► Witness Background Inquiries
► Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Services
► Anti-Money Laundering (ACAMS) Specialist
► Identity Theft Verifications
► Delinquent Spouse / Debtor Location and Service  
► Asset Verification

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Human Resource/Personnel Issues

►  Contested OPM/OWCP Issues
►  Qui Tam/Whistle-Blower Issues
►  Corporate Drug Policies
►  Random Drug Testing
►  Search of Personal Workspace
►  Monitoring of Workspace E-mail
►  Sexual Harassment Issues

International Litigation Support Services


► Let our world wide professional and personal contacts help your law firm.
► International support services for both litigation and transactions.
► We work for your law firm – you are our client.

The MPM Group, Inc. provides most international services needed by law firms throughout the free world with particular expertise in Central America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. We are closely affiliated with both international officials and private individuals through relationships that we have established from our extensive professional experience in the international markets.

Foreign Litigation Support

The MPM Group provides virtually any service needed by any law firm performing international litigation or business transactions including, but not limited to, the following:

• Personal Security and protection for attorneys and staff personnel with support services such as:

→ Travel arrangements on commercial or private aircraft
→ “Swept” and secure working environments (Offices/Hotels)
→ Location of foreign based witnesses/trial discovery material
→ Personal security staffing/local secretarial support services
→ Expedited customs and transfer procedures

• Identify and introduce qualified local counsel in-country

• Identify and introduce qualified investigators, translators, qualified experts and other in-country support staff

• Locate, produce and serve local parties in-country including those attempting to avoid service

• Locate, produce and protect local witnesses for discovery and trial

• Provide access to key government officials to facilitate discovery of relevant documents

Foreign Operational Services

In addition to our myriad legal support services, The MPM Group can offer our corporate clients considerable operational expertise with a variety of services specifically designed to address foreign corporate/legal security matters.

Select members of the MPM staff have specialized training in foreign security operations, facility security, in-house investigations, local liaison issues, site surveys, employee background “vetting,” and Employee Emergency Evacuation (E&E) planning, rehearsal, and execution. With strategically placed foreign affiliate offices, MPM staff members can assume an almost immediate operational posture to address most, if not all, of our client’s corporate overseas concerns.

Federal agencies that The MPM Group successfully interacts with on a regular basis

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