Senior Staff

Core Leadership Competencies

The MPM Group, Inc. (MPM) has earned an international reputation for providing the most professional and expert services available anywhere when they are called upon for the diverse types of investigations they conduct, the complex litigation support they provide and the myriad foreign operational support services that they make available to a select client base.

MPM’s recognized acumen in complex investigations, criminal & civil litigation support, innovative legal strategies, compliance issues, expert inmate advocacy and the foreign training support services they offer, is a direct consequence of MPM’s outstanding leadership in these specific areas of expertise.

Areas of Responsibility

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Chief Operating Officer
Title 21 Expertise | Compliance

Legal Advisor
Of-Counsel Support | Trial Strategy

Complex Criminal Investigations
Title 18 Expertise | Organized Crime

Complex Financial Investigations
Bank Fraud | Forensics | Crime Scenes

Complex Narcotics/Conspiracy Investigations
Conspiracy | Distribution | Title III | Asset Seizures

Foreign Operations
Smuggling Investigations | Liaison Support

OCONUS LEO | Facility Security

Inmate Advocacy
Post Conviction Relief | Inmate Disciplinary Process Civil Rights Support | Policy & Procedure Support 

The MPM Group’s corporate governance is covered under separate cover.  

MPM is registered as a