Federal Prison & Prisoner Advocacy Experts

Federal Prison & Prisoner Advocacy Experts
Prisoner Advocates – The MPM Group

Since 2007, The MPM Group, Inc. (“MPM”) has been, and continues to be, nationally recognized as Federal | State Prison Experts as well as skilled and passionate Inmate Advocates. MPM is frequently called upon to contribute their unparalleled subject-matter, albeit non-attorney, expertise as it pertains to pre/post-conviction litigation support, non-attorney paralegal support, internal prison disciplinary issues, civil rights violations, facility transfers, compassionate type releases and most “behind-the-fence” issues. Additionally, MPM experts offer considerable post-release preparation to federal | state inmates with educational options, job skills training, reentry housing options and requisite “social skills.” MPM experts opine that this type of meaningful reentry/reintegration training will produce a significant impact in reducing inmate recidivism and enhance their contribution to society.

“It’s a worthy thing to fight for one’s freedom; it is another sight finer
to fight for another man’s.”    
-Mark Twain


MPM’s well-qualified prison consultants can assist in preparing any client for the standard Federal | State Probation Office’s mandated interview and the Presentence Investigation (“PSI”). Make no mistake about it – the completed PSI will be the eventual “Bible” that will be frequently called upon by the sentencing judge, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”), the individual state Department of Corrections (“DOC”) as well as the appropriate federal/state parole or probation officers (PO) assigned to the inmate after his/her release. MPM’s experienced prison experts and consultants will also encourage certain recommendations be incorporated into the individual client’s “Judgment & Commitment Order” to facilitate possible sentencing mitigation consideration (sentence reductions); admission into accredited GED classes, drug rehabilitation programs and/or any other available facility program(s) that might lead to “early release” consideration. (MPM encourages an inmate to check with MPM staff prior to enrolling in any “voluntary” BOP/DOC programs.)

With respect to Reporting to one’s designated facility, MPM’s expert staff will properly prepare the client for their pending incarceration while assisting with possible BOP/DOC facility recommendations, a designated facility’s background/history, site photographs (if available), day-to-day inmate activities, etc. In sum, MPM is, more often than not, successful in making the Reporting phase much less stressful for the client. [For those designated to a federal minimum security facility (Camp), please refer to MPM’s site at: www.FederalPrisonCamps.com 

Subsequent to Reporting, the MPM staff stands ready to assist incarcerated clients with internal BOP/DOC policy/procedure issues, evaluate alleged civil rights matters (§1983), explore possible BOP/DOC facility transfers, early release options, and investigate most internal BOP/DOC disciplinary matters.

Lastly, a majority of the following MPM capabilities might appear to only highlight MPM services within the federal BOP system – however,  this is due to the fact that the “federal” system is the same throughout the United States, with identical internal policies and procedures throughout their 122-facilities, occupied by approximately 158,000 federal inmates. However, MPM prison experts are equally trained to design specific DOC assistance programs on a state-by-state basis. 

In addition to the expert services cited above, MPM prison and advocacy experts can also provide international prison expertise and legal reform capabilities that are better described in the MPM international website at: www.MPMGlobalSolutions.com

For more information concerning MPM’s subject matter expertise and time-tested capabilities as Federal | State Prison and Advocacy Experts, please reach out to us at CONTACT

“Can anyone deny that now more than ever there is a crying need for trained advocates, strong, able, willing, and unafraid to stand between the accused citizen and the legions of society ranged against him – between the defendant and the embattled press, between the man under indictment and the public clamor of the moment.”   – Lloyd Paul Stryker

MPM combines their proven investigative and legal research capabilities with nationally and judicially recognized experts to provide our federal and state clients with the very best, and most comprehensive, mitigation and advocacy support services available anywhere.

Federal | State Prison & Advocacy Experts

Areas of Non-Attorney Expertise

  • Post-Conviction Relief | Appeals | §2241 | §2255 | Motions
  • Compassionate/Early Releases
  • Sentence Mitigation/Reduction Issues
  • PSI Preparation & Review
  • RDAP Admission Issues
  • Administrative Remedy Process
  • Facility Designation Issues
  • Prison Reporting Preparation
  • Legislative Liaison & Intervention
  • Inmate Civil Rights (§ 1983)
  • Expert Opinions-Reports
  • 2nd Chance Act of 2007
  • Medical Reviews
  • Inmate Disciplinary Process
  • Facility Transfers
  • Inmate Treaty Transfers
  • Sentence Commutations

“As a pro se litigant, you may not authorize another person who is not an attorney to appear for you, and you may not appear on behalf of another person. While you may receive help from fellow inmates or other non-attorneys in drafting your pleadings and other papers, you must personally sign your submission(s) and all additional papers filed with the court.”

U.S. District Court Guide for Pro Se Litigants (2022)

Federal | State Sentencing Issues

Federal | State Inmate Advocacy Issues

Federal | State Post-Incarceration Consulting
and Reentry Support Services
Post-Incarceration Support - The MPM Group

  • Post-Incarceration Employment
  • Post-Incarceration Sobriety
  • Update Driver’s License/SSN Card
  • Law Enforcement “Red Flags”
  • Post-Incarceration Housing
  • Banking & Credit Options
  • Probation/Parole Compliance
  • Dangers of  “Association”

Start Early

Optimal results in most, if not all, federal | state presentence and sentencing matters is founded in a sound and comprehensive sentencing strategy from the very outset of the judicial process. Therefore, the early involvement of MPM consultants will facilitate addressing pre-arraignment issues; enhance the Presentence Investigation (PSI) interview preparation process as well as the subsequent review and amending of the completed PSI. Early involvement also affords both MPM consultants and defense counsel the opportunity to solicit expert opinions-reports and respond to unfavorable federal | state facility designation issues in a timely fashion.

MPM’s expertise in Inmate Advocacy issues traverses the federal | state incarceration spectrum from eligibility for any available drug programs (Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) in federal programs), to obtaining the maximum federal Residential Reentry Center (RRC) or state Halfway House eligibility pursuant to prevailing federal statutes/state policies, any facility transfer requests, any medical concerns, compassionate release/furlough requests, all inmate disciplinary matters, sentence commutation petitions, and all formal submissions of appropriate Administrative Remedy Forms

For any questions or specifics on Sentence Mitigation-Reductions, Inmate Advocacy Issues, or any of our other many services, simply click on CONTACT US.

Disclaimer: The MPM Group is not a law firm and no member of its staff is authorized to render legal advice. As such, information obtained from our firm should not be considered a substitute for the advice of an attorney and it in no way creates an attorney-client relationship. Our consulting services and related opinions are designed to provide our clients with the most authoritative and accurate information currently available concerning the subject matter requested. However, the information contained in any MPM report, verbal or written, is not necessarily prepared by persons licensed to practice law. Should you require specific legal advice, we recommend you contact a licensed and qualified attorney.

Please read the complete MPM Disclaimer

Federal agencies that The MPM Group successfully interacts with on a regular basis

Prison Training Services – The MPM Group

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