Divorce & Family Law Litigation Support

Divorce & Family Law Litigation Support

The MPM Group, Inc. is a client-based, client-focused and personalized litigation support firm specializing in assisting both the client and their attorney(s) with all aspects of Divorce and Family Law litigation. The MPM Group’s expertise in providing litigation support services and expert witness testimony is a direct result of the quality and experience of our people and how well we work together with our clients and their attorneys. MPM’s outstanding reputation for valued testimony and investigative skills, in both civil and criminal litigation, is a direct consequence of their striking performance in more than 500 legal proceedings.

Drawing upon their more than 100-years of combined investigative experience in both federal and state courts, MPM investigators will provide a multitude of expert support services to include, but not limited to:

  • Complex Investigative Services
  • Digital/Video Surveillance
  • Cohabitation Verification
  • Subpoena/Summons Service
  • Primary/Secondary Employment
  • Assessing Lifestyle
  • Cost of Living Analysis & Verification
  • Social Life Verification

Forensic Financial Analysis

→ Business Valuations
→ Pension Valuations
→ Marital v. Non-Marital Tracing Analysis
→ Dissipation Analysis
→ Income and Support Related Analyses
→ ​ Income Analysis (Taxable Income and Cash Flow
→ Standard of Living Analysis (analysis for alimony determination)
→ Alimony and Child Support Calculations
→ QDRO Verification 
→ Family Law Financial Affidavit
→ Mandatory Disclosure and Responses to Request for Production
→ Interrogatories

To MPM, it’s always a “Team Effort”

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