Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Support Services

The MPM Group has long been judicially recognized as expert CJA Support Service Vendors. Unlike most of our competitors, MPM provides our clients with a staff of former Department of Justice (DoJ) Special Agents who have a demonstrated expertise in most, if not all, federal violations. This expertise also extends to Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA) and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) matters – as well as the collateral issues that usually accompany these types of cases. In fact, select MPM staff personnel maintain current Top Secret Clearances in order to facilitate their ability to assist Federal Public Defender (FPD) or CJA Panel attorneys with such matters.

“There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets
depends on the amount of money he has.”

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Griffin v. Illinois, (1964)

Under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA), all persons charged with federal criminal offenses who are financially unable to obtain counsel are entitled to appointment of counsel to represent them. Under the Court’s Criminal Justice Act (CJA) Plan, the Office of the Federal Public Defender is appointed to represent approximately 70% of the financially eligible defendants. The remaining eligible defendants are represented by private CJA Panel Attorneys. These private attorneys are qualified by the respective Courts and its Criminal Justice Act Committee and admitted to panels of attorneys eligible for appointment in federal criminal cases. (See Title 18, U.S.C., § 3006A)

As noted below, MPM offers comprehensive “one-stop” litigation support services to both FPD as well as CJA Panel Attorneys. The following is but a representative sample of MPM’s support capabilities:

  • Complex Investigations  (Foreign or Domestic)
  • Government Investigative File & Affidavit Review
  • Evidence and Chain of Custody Review
  • Agency Procedure/Informant Compliance Review
  • eDiscovery
  • Data Collection & Mapping
  • Data Preservation & eDiscovery
  • Audio/Video Exhibit Review
  • Hosting & Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Scanning Hardcopy Documents to Digital Format
  • Reciprocal Discovery Copying & Scanning
  • Courtroom Technology & Support
  • Review Teams That Confirm Compliance and Accuracy
  • Witness Location & Interviews
  • Subpoena Services
  • Pre-Trial Preparation
  • Trial Exhibit Organization/Tagging
  • Courtroom Logistical/Technical Support

In addition to the above listed litigation support services, MPM maintains both national as well as international capabilities. Select MPM personnel have specialized collateral training allowing them to operate effectively in both urban as well as rural foreign environments.

MPM is licensed, bonded and insured and has successfully completed numerous CJA support matters in several federal circuits throughout the United States. Consequently, MPM is well-versed with the CJA payment process and complies with all invoicing and CJA-21 billing procedures.

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In addition to being an approved CJA Vendor, The MPM Group is a duly recognized Woman Owned Small Business (8M) and is registered with the U.S. System for Award Management (SAM). As such, MPM has been vetted and is qualified to be awarded U.S. government contracts.

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