Cyber/Digital Forensics

Federal and state government prosecutions are beginning to rely almost exclusively on wireless communication, electronic reconnaissance as well as more complex intelligence gathering investigative techniques. Accordingly, defense counsel can now expect to receive terabytes of eDiscovery material that will need to be both analyzed and examined by proven subject experts – MPM offers that expertise.

“Cyber/Digital Forensics” is the relatively new science of locating and then studying the information stored or transmitted in binary form that may be relied upon in a criminal or civil court proceeding. It is usually found on a computer hard drive, on a mobile phone, a personal digital assistant (PDA), a CD, and a flash card in a digital camera – among many other common locations. Digital evidence is usually associated with computer/electronic crime (“e-crime”) such as child pornography, gambling, or banking/credit card fraud; however, digital evidence can also be used to prosecute myriad types of crime, not just e-crime. For example, a client’s e-mail or mobile phone data files might contain critical evidence regarding their intent, their whereabouts at the time of a crime and their relationship with other suspects. Obviously, such information would be critical to defense counsel in pre-trial preparation and/or negotiations.

Additionally, several government “Parallel Construction” prosecutions of late have relied heavily upon wireless communications, active and passive electronic reconnaissance as well as other arguably, more “intrusive” wireless intelligence gathering techniques. Such cutting-edge technology now demands a seamless synergy between forensics and law enforcement expertise to establish the source, content, admissibility and even the legality of such collection techniques while assisting in the comparative review of eDiscovery turned over to defense counsel – MPM offers that synergy.   

MPM’s Cyber/Digital Forensic Expert holds an advanced degree in Information Systems Management and, in addition to his cyber/digital forensic expertise, he is considered a subject expert in:

IT Security Implementation ●  Red Hat System Penetration Testing ● White Hat Vulnerability Assessments  
Information Security Governance ●  Cybersecurity Risk Assessments
and much more

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