Corporate Compliance & Due Diligence

Several experts in the field have opined, “Companies and/or other independent employers who maintain rigorous Compliance Programs hope such programs will curtail employee wrongdoing. However, to prevent employee misconduct, employers must also understand how employees reach unethical decisions — and what affects their decision-making processes…” To that end, The MPM Group offers a comprehensive program that includes executive in-service training, and an employee Due Diligence protocol, which should include pre/post employment backgrounds with routine, albeit unannounced, follow-up internal inquiries – including updated personal backgrounds and drug testing.         

MPM’s Compliance/Due Diligence Programs are designed to  comply with each Client’s request and specific needs.

Due in no small measure to the financial market meltdown – coupled with the numerous high-profile convictions for corporate fraud and/or professional misconduct – ethical behavior is once again in the public and media crosshairs. The MPM Group’s panel of due diligence, ethical compliance and academic professionals are uniquely qualified to discuss this new national “comply or die” environment as well as the best practices for those in corporate boardrooms, government executives, or any U.S. based business organization who, now more than ever, face the prospect of increased scrutiny from compliance regulators, the media and, more frequently of late, government prosecutors.


Although premised under the “worst-case scenario,” the U.S. government has established their expectations concerning Due Diligence and Ethical Compliance. In fact, Section 8B2.1 of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines (“Guidelines”) sets forth the required steps that any organization must take to have an “effective compliance and ethics program”—one entitling it to any kind of mitigation under the Guidelines.

Generally, there are four factors that increase the ultimate punishment of an organization: (1) the involvement in or tolerance of criminal activity; (2) the organization’s prior history; (3) the violation of an order; and (4) the obstruction of justice. Interestingly, there are two factors that will mitigate an organization’s ultimate punishment: (1) the existence of an effective compliance and ethics program within it; and (2) self-reporting, cooperation, or acceptance of responsibility by the organization.

Drawing upon their eclectic and innovate resources, MPM offers “Real Time” expertise in finding solutions to these mandated, albeit oft-times confusing, compliance issues – issues that are usually founded in these four basic business maxims:

• Effective Pre-Employment Screening
• Periodic Employee Updates
• Compliance Training
• Sound Advice

An introduction from Bernard B. Kerik,
former Commissioner of the New York City Police Department

Frequently Requested Due Diligence Services

  • Pre-Employment Backgrounds/Periodic Updates
  • Foreign Employee Vetting & Security Matters
  • Employee Drug Testing (Pre/Post-Employment)
  • Drug Free Workplace Programs (U.S. Contractor Requirement)
  • Workplace Safety/Security Programs (OSHA Compliant)
  • Lease/Applicant Verifications (Property/Vehicles/Equipment)
  • Corporate Valuations/Forensic Audits
  • Senior Manager Background Verifications (Experience/Education)
  • In-Service Training        

Frequently Requested Compliance Programs

Specialized Services for Law Enforcement

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Specialized Services for Athletes

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