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General Support & Security Services

    General Support Services

    We have taken the liberty of including some other services available through The MPM Group, Inc. and/or their various resources.

    Division of Motor Vehicle Checks

    Expedited Personal Identity Verification

    Personal SSN Verification Checks

    Expedited Corporate Identity Verification

    Corporate/Personal Address Verification

    Professional License Verification

    State/Federal Court Judgements

    Most other verification checks mandated by “Post 9/11” requirements


Personal Identity Verification

With the use of some of the most advanced and varied sources currently available, The MPM Group, Inc. will effect one of the most comprehensive personal background inquiries that is currently available anywhere on the market today.

All inquiries will seek relevant data dating back seven (7) to ten (10) years.

If requested, most background inquiries can be accomplished without alerting the subject that the inquiry is being conducted.

All personal background inquiries are national in scope, but can be expanded to several foreign countries if necessary.

The MPM Group, Inc. adheres to all relevant laws and statutes that currently address Privacy Act and Bank Secrecy regulations. Therefore, certain information requested by the client may require the requisite Authorization for Release of Information for the release of otherwise "privileged" information.

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Identity Theft Inquiries

One of the most disastrous economic events to effect our national financial institutions in recent memory is the crime of "Identity Theft."

[The "art" of assuming another person's identity for illicit purposes]

After illegally obtaining an unwitting victim's Social Security Number, or other banking information, the perpetrators will illegally obtain bank loans or other financial benefits. Following this initial fraud, most, if not all, of the funds/assets will then be transferred outside the United States thus, negating any reasonable expectation for their recovery.

General banking and related credit issues that involve personal or corporate identity verification, asset verification, personal Social Security Number verification or the physical location of persons and/or assets.

Additionally, The MPM Group, Inc. is capable of furnishing a qualified forensic accountant who is a "Certified Fraud Examiner" (CFE) for your more complex banking issues. This individual is an adjudicated expert in bank fraud, real estate fraud as well as other related "white collar" type concerns.

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Tenant / Lease Verification

Most states currently adhere to extremely strict and restrictive landlord/tenant regulations. More often than not, most legal decisions will side with the tenant. As such, legal eviction procedures can be a lengthy and expensive process.

Most, if not all, leaseholder/tenant "scofflaws" are usually repeat offenders with previous civil judgments available for review in relevant databases throughout the United States .

This type of violation is not restricted to real estate, but can be found in myriad lease agreements to include, but not limited to, vehicles, aircraft, pleasure yachts and machinery equipment, to name only a few.

The MPM Group, Inc. will provide the property owner/agent with critical and up-to-date information concerning the prospective tenant or leaseholder. All application or lease agreement information, provided by the prospective tenant and/or leaseholder, can be comprehensively reviewed and verified prior to entering into any protracted legal agreement.

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Traditional sources for obtaining corporate information are only as effective or accurate as the information submitted. As expected, most corporate entities and/or their executives will only tender corporate information that is favorable for their purposes.

The MPM Group, Inc. is unmatched in their ability to obtain and then verify financial data, whether it pertains to an individual or a business entity. Additionally, we can draw from our extensive overseas resources for a comprehensive intelligence report from most countries in the free world.


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Should you require more specific or detailed research/investigative services, you might consider a licensed Private Detective in your area. A general list of available professionals can be found at:

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